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■ その他小説 ■      読みきりはコチラ
  Long Time Ago     Present    In your Pocket
  Smile   Friends   Sugar Real Talk
  Birthday!!!   shoot   Park
  Blue of the Hydrangea   School   Stay with me
  The small cosmo world   Silent Happy Birth Day   Jelly Fish 
  Don't Answer Me   Sweet Cold     White Spring    
  Precios of you         Happy Birth Day 03   Sweet On You    
  Beautiful Raindorps   Toy's March   Twinkle Lamp 
 The Night of Halloween    Eternal Wish   Red Sky
 You Are My …  Happy birth Day 03  Mini Santa Story
 In star request  In star requestU  True(White Day 04)
 Happy Birth Day 04  Genmisaki Junebride  Life様との合同企画★ 
 CROSS MORNING  He confessed love to him  

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